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Focus Areas

Stick Fighting

The national sport of the Philippines, stick fighting is the building block of Filipino Martial Arts, Arnis Kali Eskrima.  From the student’s first class, we put emphasis on technical aspects of footwork, timing, striking accuracy and defensive drills using single and double sticks (aka baston, olisi).


​​Edged Weapons

A solid understanding of the stick fighting biomechanics, ranges and strategy sends the student into the world of edged weapon tactics.  In a controlled environment, we emphasize armed and unarmed defense from a knife wielding attacker. The use of proper training knives and protective eyewear are strictly enforced.



In Filipino Martial Arts, a student typically begins with learning stick fighting fundamentals before progressing to unarmed combat.  At Flow Martial Arts Academy, we practice an integrated style that encompasses striking, trapping and takedown concepts in close quarter and long range confrontations.


Controlled Sparring Concepts

Yes, we view controlled sparring concepts as an essential program at Flow Martial Arts.  It is important to apply the strategy and principles of padded weaponry and unarmed tactics in controlled situations.  Protective gear for any form of engagement is mandatory.

Private Lessons

The instructor at Flow Martial Arts Academy has developed interactive lesson plans that maximize both combat and fitness development.  Arnis Kali Eskrima is highly technical; our instructor provides corrective actions and charts progress regardless of skill level.

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