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About Us


Flow Martial Arts Academy has been offering group and private instruction in traditional Filipino Martial Arts since 2012.  At the Academy, we believe that it doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or well-versed in other martial arts.  Flow hosts an open and friendly environment in Calgary for you to:

1. Practice the national sport of the Philippines
2. Learn practical & effective self-defense
3. Improve your personal health
4. Better your coordination & timing
5. Meet new people


So what’s Filipino Martial Arts anyway?  It is a collective system based on single stick, double stick, edged weapon applications, unarmed, and trapping concepts.


Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), also known as Arnis, Kali and Eskrima, are traditionally the native weapons-based fighting systems from the Philippines.  FMA was further developed and applied in times of war and colonial invasion.  FMA is well known for its combative practicality, emphasis on multi-range weapons training and “real life” applications.  It is not so much about looking flashy in techniques, but rather about doing what is proven to be efficient, functional and effective in a self-defense situation.

Our training progression at Flow Martial Arts Academy focuses on controlled weapons training first as it conditions the mind and body with the gross motor skills necessary to translate to the unarmed situations in a multitude of environments.  This is also important as police statistics show that a considerable percentage of confrontations on the street involve a weapon in someone’s hand.  Let's face it, the more prepared you are against an impact or edged weapon decreases your risk of serious injury.


Above all, Flow Martial Arts Academy believes that it is best to fight without fighting.


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