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About Us


Welcome to Flow Martial Arts Academy, your destination for group and private instruction in traditional Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) since 2012. Whether you're a beginner or experienced in other martial arts, we provide an open and friendly environment in Calgary where you can:

1. Explore the national sport of the Philippines
2. Learn practical and effective self-defense techniques
3. Improve your personal health and fitness
4. Develop coordination and timing
5. Connect with a community of like-minded individuals


So, what exactly is FMA? It's a comprehensive system that incorporates single stick, double stick, edged weapon applications, unarmed combat, and trapping concepts.


FMA, also known as Arnis, Kali, and Eskrima, originated as weapons-based fighting systems in the Philippines. Over time, FMA evolved and adapted to the challenges posed by war and colonial invasions. FMA is renowned for its practicality, emphasizing multi-range weapons training and real-life applications. Our focus is not on flashy techniques, but on what is proven to be efficient, functional, and effective in self-defense situations.

At Flow Martial Arts Academy, our training progression begins with controlled weapons training. This approach conditions the mind and body, developing the gross motor skills necessary to excel in unarmed combat across various environments. This training is especially valuable considering that a significant percentage of street confrontations involve someone wielding a weapon. By preparing you to handle impact and edged weapons, we reduce the risk of serious injury.

Above all, Flow Martial Arts Academy promotes the idea that it is best to avoid physical confrontation whenever possible, emphasizing non-violent conflict resolution strategies.


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